This actually happened to me on Tuesday 11th of December 07

Some background: My Ex wife Carol lives in the next road to me, almost 150 yards away! She has a son named Jack. Now Jack and I are great friends even though he’s only 5 and I’m a bit older. He goes to school now and often calls in on me on his way home, usually with his little friend Johnny.

Well the day before (Monday) he had had a bit of a bad tummy so his mom kept him off school. About 3 in the afternoon my phone went and it was Jack inviting me round to his house for tea. He often invites me round and I always go because time with Jack is precious.

I set off and he was waiting for me in the walk way between our roads. He very clearly explained that he was off school because he had a bad tummy. I should think everyone in the street heard him.

We went into the house and immediately Jack suggested that we play ball. He’s a great one for football and we have spent many a happy hour in the walkway playing football together. As always, he starts gentle and ends up throwing the ball at 200 miles per hour, usually managing to hit things like the TV or glass candle holders etc. which brings a sharp response from Carol about such things.

So, we are playing ball and as usual he has me scrabbling on the floor, under the table and chairs etc. I’m blessed that at my tender time of life I can still do all this stuff, though not as gracefully as Jack.

After half an hour or so of us getting more and more boisterous, Carol finally pipes up, “Jack, go easy on Colin.” To which Jack replies without any hesitation, “But mommy, I’m exercising him!”

Oh the mind of a child, which reminds me of another child…

Do have a brilliant and God filled Christmas.

Every blessing,
Thoroughly exercised Colin.