Yes, it’s that time of year we call Christmas, and as usual, the world is going loopy whilst the atheists/secularists shout and scream about all the religion. Also as usual, the government wants to capitulate and take Christ out of Christmas for ‘fear’ of offending somebody somewhere. Funny isn’t it that no one ever thinks twice about offending Christians.

So, they want to take all the nativity scenes down, and call it winter season or just season. Some shops won’t allow their staff to say, “Happy Christmas.” They won’t get any of my money this year.

Problem is, if you take Christ out of Christmas, there’s nothing to celebrate, and what else is Christmas about if not celebration? What will they celebrate in His place? How about shoppingmas, or profitmas; or maybe merrymas or presentmas? No, if you take Christ out of Christmas you are left with mas, and what is mas? Millions of Ants Shopping!

God is for life, not just for Christmas, and, Jesus is the reason for the season.