Had this thought the other day. Who is writing the songs? What I mean is this…Great men come, and great men go. Some have been immortalised in song, but not many. Who writes songs for Adolph? Who writes songs for Stalin? These men lived within the last 100 years and though not forgotten, they are fading away with the years…No songs, at least, no new songs.

Contrast that with Jesus Christ: Lived some 2000 years ago, and every day, hundreds if not thousands of songs are being written for Him or about Him. Just about every language you can name has songs to Him. What does that say about a humble carpenter who died in His early thirties? What an impact He has had on this world, and is still having. Unlike those who are fading away with time, Jesus Christ’s influence is increasing. He is still inspiring human kind to write songs about Him, but then, what else would you expect from the Son of God.