I’m an English man living in England and more than a little concerned at the rate my society is degrading. Things that were truly horrific when I was a child, are now common place and being used as entertainment in TV, computer games and the movies.

Our government and the opposition both verbally agree that the family is the unit on which our society is built, yet they pass laws that directly undermine that unit. How does it help to say the family is important and then pass a law that gives exactly the same rights to common law couples? How does that help the family unit? Or is it that our perception of family has been eroded too? Surely, a family consists of a mum and a dad who have the same surname and have taken vows to be faithful to each other. A couple who have made a life long commitment. How can that extend to a common law couple…Different names, no vows and no commitment.

We are going down the tubes fast. When will we wake up and do something about it?