Some bright spark said, “Change is here to stay.” Probably true, but mostly, change is gradual. Not so for me right now; I find myself at a crossroads, and it’s scary!

You see, for the last 15 years or so, I’ve been attending a church in Worcester…But I live in Malvern and my heart is here, not there. Well, something new has opened up; a church plant here in Malvern, and I’m a part of it. Just a rag tag bunch of believers, who have a heart for Malvern, coming together to form a new church.
We had our first prayer meeting last Friday, and already we have a building to meet in…Took me by surprise it happened so fast.

So, change is here to stay, and once again I find myself having to say good-bye to friends I’ve worshipped with for a long time. It has been my experience that saying good-bye to friends is one of the hardest things you have to do as a Christian. It’s sadness on the one hand, but excitement on the other at the new things God is going to do in the months ahead.

Change may be here to stay, but we are not, and sometimes, that hurts.