The real stuff I mean, not just hiding your eyes from something on the TV. Well I have. It happened almost 20 years ago at night as I lay in bed. I awoke from a bad dream which I can’t remember. I was shaking and in a cold sweat. I find it hard to describe the actual feeling other than to say I was truly terrified.

So what was the source of my terror? I felt lost. Lost? But I was at home in my own bed, how could I be lost? I knew I was lost because I had wandered away from my Saviour; left Him behind to go into the pop music world. Bad mistake.

You see, I know my Bible, and it states clearly that Jesus is coming back to claim His own, and I knew that if He came at that instant I would be left behind…Lost forever in an eternity without Him. We call it Hell. Say what you like, it terrified me. Almost by instinct, I said, “Welcome back Lord,” and invited Him back into my life. Well, what a contrast. A surge of love hit me like warm sticky goo. The shaking stopped. I went from abject terror to absolute peace in a matter os seconds. I knew in my heart that I was no longer lost. He had found me again. Now, when He does eventually come back, I know I’ll be going with Him.

The Bible says, “There is no fear in love,” and it’s right. When you are loved by the creator of the universe, what’s to be scared of?