This is something that has really been on my heart for some time now, let me explain.

In my nation we have a hastily passed law that makes it illegal to say no to homosexuals. That’s what it amounts to. They call it an anti discrimination law, but in truth, it’s a license for homosexuals to rule the roost, and believe me, they will.

The point in question is the adoption of innocent children by homosexual couples. It came to light because Roman Catholic orphanages complained that such adoptions would be against their principals. Well bully for them. At least they had the bottle to stand up for their principals. Pity about the rest of us who have remained shamefully silent.

For decades heterosexual couples have been turned down for adoption for various reasons. Adoption agencies have been rigourous in their pursuit of good couples to give homes to the kids in their charge. But now, thanks to a bunch of wimps we call our government, who crumple at the first protest from the vociferous minority called the, “Gay Lobby,” or any other lobby for that matter, adoption agencies now have no chance of saying no to such wholly unsuitable couples without them crying discrimination. And guess who’ll win the argument…

What we have here is a minority group with a loud voice, a religious group with a voice and the government with a pathetic whimper of submission…BUT WHO SPEAKS FOR THE INNOCENTS? The one part of this equation that has no say in its future is the poor kid who gets lumbered with a life with such a couple. What kind of a life can that kid expect? And will they give a little boy to homosexual men? This has to be child abuse.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “For evil to prosper, it only requires that good men do nothing.” We reap what we sow.