There are those in the more traditional side of church who advocate that we, “Re interpret” the Bible in light of today’s culture. They say, “Times have changed, people have changed, therefore we must change God’s word to accommodate the sin of today’s society.”

Sounds like it makes sense, especially in today’s climate of so called tolerance where we must by law, accept everyone for what they are regardless of any violence or depravity associated with them…With 2 notable exceptions: Christians and Pedophiles.

Christians are the most maligned minority group in this or any country. Here in the UK, our government actively bans our national religion. Just try tuning in to a Christian radio station. You can get just about everything else but not Christian.

And what about Pedophiles? Well, they are criminals aren’t they, but only because we chose to make them so. Take a case in point: A man has sex with a 14 year old boy and he’s branded a Pedophile and hated by everyone, except the Christians. That same man has sex with a 16 year old boy and we are forced by law to accept that as, “An acceptable life style.” Heck, they want it taught in our schools as such. Can I hear anyone saying, “Bigot” here? One is a criminal to be reviled, the other gets a round of applause and a pat on the back. Christians treat both equally and get called bigots. what a world we live in!

So, should we re interpret the Bible and make allowances for sin? NEVER. Hey, should we re write the highway code to allow for all those who want to speed, or make shoplifting legal because so many people do it? You judge.